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As international collective of student affairs practitioners, IASAS Membership offers a wide range of opportunities to all its members.

Discover the membership benefits, who can join, categories, costs and how to apply! 

What are the Benefits?


One of a kind

Offering access to a genuinely international student affairs community, through regional and global interaction, IASAS provides a unique service – no other student affairs organization is genuinely global.

International Expertise at your Fingertips

Membership of our organization offers you a route to global good practice in student affairs.



Professional Development Opportunities
for you

We can offer better knowledge of international HE and the approach to student affairs; an opportunity to mentor new/prospective professionals in other parts of the world; opportunities to participate in international visits and professional events.

Global Connections

Membership of IASAS means you’re better connected globally and that brings extended benefits for your institution, particularly now that many HE systems are placing an increasing emphasis on internationalization.



Research Opportunities

IASAS offers opportunities to participate in research about our global profession.

Who can join?

Size of institution

in FTW student number

Individuals, institutions, and organizations (Universities, Colleges, Associations, Governamental Ministries, etc.) from anywhere in the world can join the IASAS network. IASAS has two membership categoeries and all memberships are renewable on an annual basis from January 1 to December 31. 



  • vote in the General Assembly

  • have the opportunity to hold a IASAS leadership position 

  • have discounted rates at IASAS events and activities

  • have full access to resources on the website

  • receive targeted invites to projects and information

  • have access to the IASAS Newsletter

  • receive key communications


  • can attend and engage in discussions in General Assembly meetings without the right to vote

  • have access to the IASAS Newsletter

  • receive key communications

How much does
the Membership cost?

IASAS square-7.png





40 EUR *

250 EUR **



IASAS strives to fulfill its mission to develop and promote inclusive international networks through our membership fee structures, to promote worldwide membership. To this end, IASAS utilizes World Bank level income categories (explained here) to provide more equitable access to effective membership.

*Individual Membership 

High-income economies                   €  40 (full rate)
Upper-middle-income economies     €  24 (60%)
Lower-Middle Income economies    €  12 (30%)
Low-Income economies                    €   6 (15%)

**Institution/Association/Organization Membership
High-income economies                   € 250 (full rate)
Upper-middle-income economies     € 150 (60%)
Lower-Middle Income economies    €   75 (30%)
Low-Income economies                    €   37.5 (15%) 

IASAS is looking for partners who would benefit from our network and activities. If interested please contact Treasurer and to learn of possible options click here.

How to Apply?

1. Fill in the form below 

2. Receive a notification from the Secretary General with the request of payment (if applicable) 

3. Pay your membership fee following the instructions received. 

You will be notified via e-mail once the membership is confirmed.



A reflection on
IASAS membership from
Leandro A
. Loyola, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Department of Management and Organization
Ramon V. Del Rosario College of Business,
De La Salle University, Philippines


Why are you a member of IASAS and how have you benefited from membership in the organization?

I have been an IASAS member for seven years and have been closely involved now with the group as its Regional Director for Asia. I became a member because I served as a leader and manager of the Student Affairs and Services office and wanted to expand my network with fellow practitioners worldwide. My engagement with IASAS allowed me to grow professionally through their professional development programs. I was able to establish networks and linkages with fellow SAS practitioners from different parts of the world. It also allowed me to gain access to resources provided by the association that is relevant to the advocacy for the field.  

What drew you to a career in student services?
I was drawn to pursue a career in student affairs because of my passion to help students succeed and thrive, I enjoy working with young adults and have a strong desire to make a positive impact on their lives, hoping that later on, they will also do the same and be able to make a difference in the world. I also have had positive experiences with mentors, advisors, and other student affairs professionals during my college years and in the duration of my career and I want to pay it forward by helping students navigate the challenges of college life. In addition, I believe that my personal qualities, beliefs, and advocacies are directly related to the goals of the practice most especially in creating welcoming and inclusive campus communities where everyone feels valued and supported. Overall, I find the career incredibly rewarding knowing that my passion for helping students succeed can create a positive change in the world.  

Any question on the Membership? 

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