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Host the Global Summit 2026

The Global Summit brings together leaders in Student Affairs from across the globe to engage in strategic dialogue on key issues in Student Affairs and Higher Education. It is a platform for critical discussion and deepening the community of practice that spans the globe, within an international framework and local relevance for students and institutions. 


The 7th Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services will be hosted in Korea by KOSAF and the 6th Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services was hosted by Student Affairs Ireland (SAI), the European Council for Student Affairs (ECStA) and International Association for Student Affairs and Services (IASAS) at University College Cork, Ireland, 15-17 June 2022. The IASAS and Canadian Association for College and University Student Affairs and Services (CACUSS) collaborated to host the 5th Global Summit on Student Affairs and Services at the University of Toronto, Canada on 27-29 May 2020. Previous Global Summits were held in Washington (2012), Rome (2014), Cape Town (2016) and in Santiago (2018). 


The host institutions benefit from international exposure across the globe and positioning in the international Student Affairs and Higher Education domain. 


Time and Date of Summit


We invite applications to host the next Global Summit 2026. 

The summit takes place every two years. The summit can be linked to a conference or occasion, or can be a stand-alone event. The summit is three days including a tour of nearby education institutions and usually an optional tour of the area after the summit. Below is a draft of the schedule for past summits: 


Day 1

AM                  Tours of nearby universities

PM                   Welcome and Opening Reception

Day 2

9:00-17:00         Summit program/discussions

19:00                 Gala Dinner

Day 3

9:00-17:00         Summit program/discussions

19:00                 Optional dinner 

Day 4

9:00-17:00         Optional tours of the local area


Host Responsibilities

The host institution usually takes responsibility for these items and activities, always with support from and in collaboration with IASAS’s Global Summit Organizing team. 

The responsibilities are:

  • Determine the registration fee, guideline is usually between $250-350 US dollars

  • Suggest and structure the theme, program, and outcomes for the summit

  • Organize and host keynote speakers. 

  • Assist and manage marketing and invitations

  • Assist participants with logistics for accommodations and transportation to and from the airport

  • Assist and structure the facilitation of the summit

  • Provide meeting space, AV equipment, technology to ensure a hybrid format, and food for the summit

  • Manage registration process and supplies, gifts

  • Organize, plan and host site visit

  • Host and organize regular meetings (online) with IASAS and the local Organizing Committee

IASAS responsibilities

IASAS assists with all processes and advises the host institution, based on past experiences. Key responsibilities include:

  • Manage marketing and invitations

  • Assist with the program and other logistics

  • Assist with the facilitation of the Global Summit

  • Welcome and Closure

  • Memorandum or Summary to key stakeholders

  • Website Management



If interested in hosting the Global Summit please provide a proposal that responds to the requirement in this prospectus by 19th 2024. Your proposal should speak to a few key aspects, including:

  • Your institution’s standing and reach in the Higher Education sector in your region

  • Your institution’s resources and ability to support your bid

  • Access to the site of the conference (transport, online, and hybrid)

  • The accommodation possibilities for attendees

  • Your staffing capacity to support the Global Summit organization

  • Vision for theme and content


If you need more information please contact us at,, and

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