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Certificate Programme Online

IASAS Announces a Continuous Professional Development Programme


Leadership in Student Affairs and Services: A global-local approach


Student success is pivotal to higher education’s contribution to social justice across the globe. This Continuous Professional Development programme, certified by IASAS and Accreditta[1],  is designed to further develop those who work in practice and scholarship, leadership and management, as a senior and emerging professional in Student Affairs and Services (SAS) and its related domains, through teaching, learning, networks, and national and international exchange of knowledge. 

Reasons to Enrol in Programme

  • Increase your impact in higher education and Student Affairs and Services (SAS) 

  • Embolden your influence by joining a Global Learning Community of SAS

  • Advance your competencies in the global-local context of SAS

  • Become a local-global leader to shape SAS and student success


Programme's Aim

After participation in this programme the participants understand, have insight, can apply skills, and have competencies and capacities in three domains:

  1. Leadership, cultural dexterity, and interpersonal skills to lead at the institutional level and beyond

  2. Management and administration in Student Affairs and Services

  3. Student Affairs and Services theory and practice


Length, Delivery, and Structure 

The programme has ten (10) online sessions over a period of three months. The learning format is synchronous and asynchronous, learning is facilitated by international experts, literature sourced from different regions of the world, active peer engagement through Global Peer Learning Groups (GPLG) and case studies.

Application: Applications are accepted for two cohorts: one beginning in June and another in October. 

Digital Certificate: After completing the course participants receive a digital badge from our sponsor Acreditta.


Programme Cost: 1200 Euros (negotiable for certain income regions)



Do you want to learn more about the Certificate Programme? 

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