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IASAS Announces a Certificate Programme


Leadership in International Student Affairs, Service, and Support


Values and Principles

This professionalisation program is based on IASAS’s mandate to promote student success and institutional leadership, embolden cooperation between individuals and organizations, and promote transformation and social justice across the globe.


Programme's Aim is to


  1. Develop global knowledge of higher education and its influences impacting the domain, such as massification, access, internationalization, and sustainability.

  2. Develop professional capacity in administration, student Affairs, services, and support in international higher education 

  3. Embolden ourselves through building the leadership, cultural dexterity, and interpersonal skills to be effective and efficient

  4. Deepen our knowledge of the students entering our universities, along with student development and identities.

  5. Develop a network and community for higher education administration, student Affairs, services, and student affairs on a global level.


Length, Delivery, and Structure 

The programme will be 6-7 months long from October 2024 - May 2025. The learning format will be asynchronous and asynchronous, content will be delivered with local and international facilitators and experts, literature from different regions of the world, active peer engagement through Peer Learning Groups (PLG), case studies, mentoring, and coaching.


Programme Cost - 1800-2000 Euros


Apply Now | Coming Soon

Do you want to learn more about the Certificate Program? 

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