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Achim Meyer auf der Heyde, European Council of Student Affairs Past President, and President of the International Association of Student Affairs and Services


IASAS have developed this programme that offers continuous professional development for Student Affairs and Services in Higher Education with a focus on leadership in the international and global – and also local –space. It is important for us at IASAS that this programme has local impact and relevance while acutely conscious of and boldly contributing to global realities. This programme is a response to the needs of our members and based on a thorough analysis of current needs, trends, theories and practices. By taking part in this course, the participants will advance their knowledge, embolden their competences and widen their lens to lead SAS in locally impactful and globally relevant ways.

Prof Dr Teboho Moja, Clinical Professor and Chair of Department, Steinhard School of Education, New York University


This programme will embolden the participants to ensure appropriate student learning and support with local relevance and a global outlook. It goes a long way to supporting our SAS and Higher Education staff to deliver to their pledge to support students and institutions in their endeavour to promote social justice for all.

Dr Peter J. Wells, Head of Education: Regional Office for Southern Africa, UNESCO


Student success depends on strong socio-support structures both off- and on-campus, as well as on robust study programmes. SDG 4 speaks to the importance of capacitating the staff who shape this support. UNESCO therefore commends this bold training opportunity to ensure healthy learning environments for student and institutional success.

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